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We're so excited for you to be part of our Christmas Wreath Making.  Our step by step guided video is available and can be watched using an iPad, phone, laptop or even your TV. Whichever you feel is the best method for yourselves. 

The video is uploaded below, but in case you'd like the link to play it elsewhere this is it:  Your password is delivered with your wreath kit.

We recommend watching the video as a whole first, and then you can play it alongside your wreath making for additional support. 


Your Base Kit Includes:

Moss base and wire reel attached 

Bow of choice

Additional Wires -

Cinnamon (x3)

Pinecones (x5)

Fresh Pine Foliages

Wreath Wrap 

Mossing Pins

If you purchased any Additional Extras, you may also have:



Lotus Heads

Dried Fruit

Step 1


You Will Needed:

Moss Base & Wire Spool

Spruce (Additionally if ordered: Foliage’s and/or Berries)

(If you have any fresh extras from your garden, you will need these for this step too)

Scissors to cut your foliage’s​

In a clockwise, zig-zag motion, start to add your products into your moss base by pushing the stem into the moss base. Work around to fill the front of your wreath and remember to go around and secure these in with your wire reel.  If you have them add in your foliage’s, berries and any garden foraged items along with your pines as you go around. 


HELP: I pulled too tightly whilst securing the foliage’s with my wire and the wire has snapped! 

Firstly, don’t worry! This might happen 3 or 4 times during the process. You’re doing it right, and you need to pull tightly to make sure all your items are secure. If your wire does snap, just find the two ends and tie them in a knot together again. We have shown how to fix this at 5 Minutes 30 Seconds in our video tutorial


You don’t want a big bush!! Remember to leave a hole in the middle.

If you think you’re too bushy, you can always trim this down at the end. 


Step 2 (8 Minutes 11 Seconds)


Once you’ve gotten all the way around your wreath, you will find you get to a gap between where you started and where you finish. Make sure to close this gap up by lifting the section you started with up so that you can feed new pieces underneath. 

Step 3 (9 Minutes 48 Seconds)


Once you've got the whole way around your wreath, tie off your wire spool by threading it around the copper wire base of the moss. This is similar to a sewing technique and can be a bit fiddly. Once you have tied it off and the wire is secure, cut this off. 


Tidy & Prep (11 Minutes 20 Seconds)


You won’t need this wire reel anymore, so you can put this to one side along with any fresh elements you have leftover and give your workbench a bit of a tidy and a refresh. 

Step 4 (12 Minutes 20 Seconds)

You will need: 

Wired Accessories, Pinecones, Cinnamon, Ribbon. 

(Additionally, if ordered: Lotus Heads, Dried Fruit)

Push the wired accessories in through the top of the wreath and through to the underside. Once it has been pushed through, create a hook with the wire and push it back into the base of the wreath.

Step 5 (15.50)

You will need: 

Your Bow 

Finish your wreath by using the technique from the previous step by applying your bow, to either the top, bottom or side of your wreath. Use your creative licence to decide!

Step 6 (17 Minutes 12 Seconds)

You will need: 

Additional wires

Create your hook. Again, by locating the copper wire base of the moss push a stub of wire halfway through the ring. Twist the two ends of the stub wire together to create a loop. This is your hook for your door!

Step 7 (18 Minutes 40 Seconds)

You will need: 

Wreath Wrap and Mossing Pins 

Turn your wreath over so you can see the back of your wreath and in a zig-zag motion, cover the moss using the wreath wrap and secure by pushing the mossing pins into the moss base. Do this until you have covered the entirety of the back of your wreath. This protects your door but also keeps all the moisture in your wreath. 

Final Tips (22 minutes 26 seconds)

If we have a particularly dry winter, you can spray your wreath to moisten the moss base or if it's feeling extra dry, you can always run it under the tap to water it. We do recommend hanging this outside as it will crisp up inside. You're done! Hang your wreath!


Thank you! (23 minutes 30 seconds)


Thank you for taking part, we would love to see your home event and finished products.

Use the hashtag #sprigandthistlewreathmaking so we can see you all!


Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

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