We understand that planning a wedding without a pandemic is stressful, without having the worries of your wedding day being interrupted by something as uncontrollable as Corona Virus.

We're here to answer some of your questions. 

*Please note this is not our Terms and Conditions *

What happens if we catch the virus and we have to forfeit our wedding date?

If you are sick, you are forced to cancel your wedding you will need to claim on your wedding insurance (this is usually covered if one of the main parties of the wedding becomes ill and is unable to attend - check your policy everyone is different!)

We will do our best to reschedule with you if you have to change your date, although this isn't something we can guarantee because we may already be booked for that date. We must approach this fairly to each of our couples, we want to do the best we possibly can for you & your wedding.

What happens if Sprig and Thistle catch the virus?

Like most suppliers in the industry, we will bend over backwards for our couples.

Often going to extreme measures to make sure we get to your wedding, so rest assured we will make every effort. It's worth remembering it is in everyone's interest that your wedding goes ahead! We have already cancelled our Studio consultations, to make sure that we have as little risk as possible of contracting the virus.

If we do contract the virus, the current Government policy requires us to self-isolate. Therefore, we would issue a full refund with as much notice as possible whilst also assisting you as best as we can to find another florist & event stylist. This is something we have never ever done, we have always gone through with every single booking no matter what! We get so emotionally involved with our couples and form such amazing relationships with them that we would be so devastated for this to happen - believe me!

Government Policy on Mass Gatherings

Please speak to your venue directly, to see how they're dealing with current postponements. We are dealing with each couple on a case by case basis.

Will my venue have to cancel my wedding?

If for some reason, your venue needs to cancel your wedding (due to Government Policy or there is an outbreak at their venue etc.) Your wedding insurance policy should come into play, every policy is different so please check with your provider.

Do Sprig and Thistle have insurance?

Yes, we have Business Insurance such as Public Liability & Personal Sickness. Unfortunately, there is no insurance on the market that will cover for Covid-19.

Something to remember...

We are very much in the mentality to keep calm, and carry on.

We will be doing our absolute best to provide our services to you on your wedding day with as much positivity we can throw at you!

If you're worried, speak to your insurance and have a full read through your policy.

It's good to know what happens if the worst was to happen.

Finally, remember if we can't work, we can't earn. So we're going to make sure we go through hell and high water to deliver what we can.

Sending lots of love, Jess

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